How to Hand-Cancel Your Suites

If you’ve ever seen a piece of mail, notice how the stamps on the envelope have been marked out with black ink or black lines. This marking is usually done by a machine and any standard piece of mail’s journey through isn’t exactly a smooth one. By hand-cancelling your paper goods with a rubber stamp, you’re able to cancel your envelope’s stamps yourself without having to sacrifice the quality of your envelopes— especially if they’re embellished with wax seals and calligraphy. We highly encourage you to hand-cancel your suites so that they reach your guests intact. 

Before you head out to the post office, first make sure to call around and check your options. Some locations will give you a basic quote while others allow complimentary hand-canceling (Note: sometimes they allow up to a certain amount of envelopes, so be sure to ask if there’s a limit). There is also an option to hand-cancel the envelopes yourself near the front desk to avoid fees. If you encounter an employee that insists hand-canceling is a thing of the past, check other post offices nearby who may be of help or speak directly to the supervisor on duty. 

Please make sure that your envelopes are properly addressed, weighed, sealed and that the postage is correct. It’s best to go to the post office during the times that are less busy and avoid going in the mornings before standard work hours, lunch break, and just before they close. Mid-morning is often the best time to go. Depending on how many suites you have, it may take awhile to hand-cancel your envelopes. It could make sense to come back the next day, especially if there is a 50 or less limit on the amount of envelopes you can complimentary hand-cancel at a time. 

If this sounds like a hassle, we are happy to hand-cancel your suites for you, free of charge, if you purchase stamps through us. 

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